Dreaming of Kitchens This Thanksgiving

Dreaming of Kitchens This Thanksgiving

Dreaming of Kitchens This Thanksgiving 150 150 Patrick Stewart Properties

Whether you are hosting dinner or preparing a dish to bring to someone else’s home, Thanksgiving cooking is the true test of a kitchen’s functionality.  As you slave away you might find yourself dreaming of better spaces so we thought we’d share some of our favorites, as well as tips for making the most of your own.

Space galore
This kitchen speaks for itself.  Counter space is ample making food prep a breeze and there is enough space for many people to work at the same time (allowing you to recruit help!)  The open floorplan also allows for cooks to be a part of the celebration- not cooped up in a separate room.
Take a cue- While we don’t all have such open space, you don’t have to spend the special holiday alone in the kitchen.  Strategically place appetizers or drinks near the kitchen so that guests will be drawn to the area and more likely to chat you up while you work away.


Make the most of it
This kitchen is one of our favorites because of the expert use of space.  While not overly spacious, the white cabinets and bright colors make it open and airy.  Most importantly, every square inch is used to its fullest potential.  A movable center island allows for different configurations based on need, while ample cabinetry provides storage spaces for small appliances that might otherwise take up needed counter space.
Take a cue- If you lack extra storage space, think about keeping large serving platters and other dishes in other rooms in your house.  This will allow you to keep your kitchen organized.  Also, think about your small appliance arsenal- if you haven’t used it in a year, let it go.  How often do you make Belgian waffles, anyway?

A chef’s dream
High-end Viking appliances grace this kitchen.  Double dishwashers, double ovens and an oversized refrigerator make preparation and clean up enjoyable (almost).
Take a cue- We don’t all need high performance appliances, but when upgrading consider how and how often you use your kitchen.  Purchase appliances that mirror your cooking habits and splurge where it makes sense.  Do you microwave more often than not?  Choose one that has convection, baking and fast heating options, and spend a little less on your oven.  Hint- stainless steel appliances are almost a must for resale, take this in to consideration when making a change.

Time to relax
Finally, once everyone leaves and the kitchen is clean, your daydreaming might wander to the perfect backyard.  Sit outside, enjoy your favorite beverage and imagine yourself here…