Best Of – Gift Guides For Every Space

Best Of – Gift Guides For Every Space

Best Of – Gift Guides For Every Space 150 150 Patrick Stewart Properties

It is less than one week until Christmas and if you have had a holiday season like ours, you likely still have an extensive list of gifts to buy.  We wanted to make your search just a little easier and have compiled “Best of…” lists for every room in the house.  Because whether the people on your list live on 10 acres in the country, in a city-centered loft or somewhere in between, gifts that update or enhance their home are most certainly on their wish lists.

This kitchen gadget guide is perfect for every type of chef- from the gourmet to the… less than gourmet.  Check out some of the newest and most unexpected gifts that are sure to please.

There is no question about it, the holidays are hectic.  Sometimes retiring to the bedroom at the end of a long day of working, fighting shopping crowds and attending the 20th holiday party is a vacation in itself.  Give a gift that can make this room that much more inviting.

Dining Room
For the perpetual host/hostess in your life, a gift for the dining room can ensure an invitation to their next soiree.

Whether they are dreaming of Summer in cold of Winter, or living it up now with some of the best temperatures of the year, every person on your list will appreciate a gift that will enhance their outdoor living spaces.

New Homeowner
Combining a housewarming gift with a Christmas gift is the best way to congratulate the  new homeowner in your life.

Design obsessed
Finally, for those who just have an affinity for great design, no matter the room, here are some quirky gifts they will love.

And before you head out on your gift buying journeys, we want to wish you the very best this holiday season and in the coming year.