What’s So Great About Palm Springs Anyway?

What’s So Great About Palm Springs Anyway?

What’s So Great About Palm Springs Anyway? 150 150 Patrick Stewart Properties

The 10 Things We Love About This Town

The other day someone asked us “Why do people live in Palm Springs? It’s in the middle of the desert and doesn’t seem to offer much.” We were stunned by this thought. But if you are driving “through” on the interstate and don’t happen to jump off and explore our little slice of heaven, one might not understand.

So we thought we would bring to you OUR top ten things we love about this community. There were so many to choose from – but we narrowed it down to this:

10. It’s Beautiful Inside and Out. Many people don’t think the desert is beautiful, but we do. Wide-open spaces, breathtaking -sunsets and the mountains that surround our town are majestic to say the least.

9. Small Town Charm. In Palm Springs you feel like you can breathe. The stress and craziness of big city life seems to melt away when you are here. You can slow your pace and breathe.

8. So Much To Do. We have everything here – shopping, golf, hiking, biking, dining, cultural events, concerts or just hanging out at the pool. One is never bored in Palm Springs. In fact we are known for so many events; The Dinah, Coachella Music Festival, Palms Springs International Film Festival just to name a few.

7. Stunning Architecture.  Did you know that Palm Spring is the capital of “Mid-Century Modern”? This unique era produced some of the most interesting architecture in the country. So much so that the famous “Modernism Week” is held in Palm Springs every year.

6. Cultural Diversity. Most people feel that Palm Springs is filled only with adults over the age of 50. Others feel that it is the center of the Gay/Lesbian world. While a significant portion of the Palm Springs’ population is comprised of these two groups, there is also a very large Hispanic population as well as many young families. Making it a great blend – where everyone is welcome. Doesn’t matter if your old, young, pink, purple, blue or red – you are welcome in Palm Springs.

5. Caring Community. Want to give back but don’t know how? In Palm Springs there are so many groups and nonprofit groups, that it is hard to go a week without noticing something going on. And the people of our community truly go all out and give back. It is very heart warming.

4. Spas/Resorts. If you ever needed to “escape” and go in for a “tune-up” Palm Springs is the perfect place for “Spa Therapy”. We are known for our world-class resorts, and relaxing spas—a great place to revive your mind, body and soul.

3. Eat Your Heart Out. Dining out in Palm Springs is always a pleasure, with many open air and patio venues as well as intimate fine dining. There is something here for every palette.

2. Escape From Hollywood (Or L.A.) Palm Springs has long been the getaway of choice for celebrities, including industry legends Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball and the late Sonny Bono. A new generation of stars (from A-list actor Leonardo DiCaprio to D-list diva Kathy Griffin) and the annual Palm Springs International Film Festival (psfilmfest.org) has also helped to revive the desert city’s reputation as Hollywood’s playground.

1. Easy To Get Here. Palms Springs is 90 minutes from both Los Angeles and San Diego, and only four hours from Phoenix. The airport was recently included in the top ten easiest airports to get in or out – in the U.S. With direct flights from cities like Chicago and New York – you’re only an airplane ride from our paradise.