Desert Garden To Do List

Desert Garden To Do List

Desert Garden To Do List 150 150 Patrick Stewart Properties

October is not only the start of pumpkin flavored goodies in coffee shops across the nation, but it is also the month for desert dwellers to start prepping their lawns for the winter season. Since October serves as the transition month from hot weather to cooler weather, it is important to take care of your lawn and give it the attention it needs.

The most popular grass in desert is Bermuda because of its compatibility with hot summer heat. October is the best time to apply potassium to your Bermuda lawn so it will come out of dormancy with extra vigor. It would also be wise to limit any water usage and although it is suggested not to plant a winter lawn, the second week of October marks the start of winter lawn planting season.

October is the optimal time to plant trees and shrubs, aside from palm trees. Water any new shrubs and trees about once a week, but once the weather starts to cool your watering schedule should change to only a third of what your regular schedule was. Over watering during the winter season will result in fungus sprouting near your plants. This is also a great time to clear out any dead trees or branches that accumulated over the summer season.

This is also a great time to plan dianthus, geraniums, and petunias because they are constantly blooming during this season. Hold out on fertilizing mature roses until the weather cools, but make sure any rose blooms stay pruned! October is also the best time to plant any wildflower seeds because they will bloom just in time for the spring!