Going Green And Saving Green

Going Green And Saving Green

Going Green And Saving Green 150 150 Patrick Stewart Properties

Buying an eco-friendly home does not have to “break the bank”.  Nor do you have to put up with unsightly green friendly items just to be green.  In fact there are many homes on the market that are green, stylish and will save you money.

Christopher Solomon of MSN Real Estate recently wrote a feature on several Leed-certified homes across the nation.  And we are proud that our listing on Smoke Tree made the list!  In fact it was number 10 and we are proud.  This home was selected because of the net zero energy efficiency (which will save you money) as well as the Eco-Shake shingles and energy efficient pool.

If you are interested in this home, or other energy efficient homes in the Palm Springs area, be sure to contact us, we would love to show you this beautiful home.

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