Eat Local, Shop Local

Eat Local, Shop Local

Eat Local, Shop Local 150 150 Patrick Stewart Properties

As the local food movement becomes more popular across the country, people have started to recognize the benefits associated with patronizing restaurants and other retailers in their own communities.  Just think:

  • When you purchase more of your food locally, more of the money you spend remains in the local community. On average, it is estimated that buying local keeps approximately 65% of your dollar within the community, whereas shopping at large chain stores keeps only 40%.
  • Nationally, small businesses are the largest employer, so voting with your dollar provides more jobs in your hometown.
  • Reducing the distance food travels (food miles) cuts down on associated fossil fuel consumption, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Getting to know your local producers gives you a stronger sense of place, relationships, trust, and pride within your community.

Not to be left behind, Palm Springs boasts a number of both institutional and new “farm to table” restaurants that take advantage of the prime produce and livestock that can be found in Coachella Valley.  Just to name a few, Morgan’s in the Desert at the La Quinta Resort and Grove Artisan Kitchen at the Miramonte Resort have been recognized for their local sourcing for quite some time, while Workshop Kitchen + Bar is new to the dining scene and is quickly making a name for itself.  The very popular Certified Farmers Market also makes it possible to support the local economy from your own kitchen, offering a wide variety of fresh produce, baked goods and meats from which to create your own meals.

As consumers become more conscious of the benefits and make buying decisions based on an establishment’s commitment to the community, more and more businesses will answer the call.  So eat local, shop local- wherever local is for you!