Get Involved, Stay Connected

Get Involved, Stay Connected

Get Involved, Stay Connected 150 150 Patrick Stewart Properties

As summer comes to an end and temperatures begin to cool, people are starting to come out of hibernation (i.e. anywhere with air conditioning) and return to their normal routines.  For some, these routines are filled with work and community commitments, while others may be looking to find their niche in a new city, neighborhood or social circle.

For those looking to fill their calendars and meet interesting people, there is no better way than becoming involved with a non-profit that aligns with your personal values.  Non-profit organizations are always looking for volunteers for events, committees, fundraising and other essential functions and offering your time will connect you with like-minded individuals.  You can feel good about helping others and also integrate yourself into the community.

At Patrick Stewart Properties, we’ve worked with Desert AIDS Project for many years to help the organization provide medical care and support services to people living with HIV/AIDS in the desert community.  Over the years, Patrick Jordan and Stewart Smith have raised more than $100,000 for the organization through their annual participation in the Desert AIDS Walk, along with other events and fundraising activities.  This year Patrick and Patrick Stewart Properties have taken on a big challenge and committed to raising $20,000 for the walk, which takes place in Palm Springs on October 19th.  We would love to see you out there and maybe even consider volunteering your time throughout the year.
Other options for getting involved include:

The Humane Society of the Desert provides create a safe haven for the homeless, abandoned and abused pets.

Boys & Girls Club of Palm Springs enables all young people, especially those who need them most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Culture and Arts
Palm Springs Art Museum provides extraordinary creative encounters based on its collections of modern and contemporary art and traditional art of the Americas.

Women’s Issues
Shelter From the Storm provides comprehensive services to victims of domestic violence—professionally, ethically, and compassionately.

The most important thing to remember when researching a good fit for your interests is that you must feel a strong commitment to the organization that you choose.  This will show through all that you do and make the time you spend fun and rewarding instead of feeling like another thing you “have” to do.